AtomPark Software Review 2020

Our AtomPark Software Review will focus on the email marketing software comapany’s most popular offerings.

Using email marketing software to promote your products and services can be cost-effective, fast, and efficient. In the world of business where building relationships is everything, emailing is a great way to reach both new and existing customers. AtomPark Software is a company that aims to make email marketing easy.


AtomPark Software

AtomPark Software Review

This byte-sized AtomPark Software review for 2020 will focus on four of AtomPark’s most popular products: Atomic Email Hunter, Atomic Mail Sender, Atomic Mail Verifier, and the Atomic Email Studio.


Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter is a clever tool that extracts email addresses from websites for the sole purpose of building valuable mailing lists that can then be used to power your promotional campaigns.

Putting together a highly targeted contact list can take years to accomplish. This ingenious software can do it in minutes. And that’s the beauty of it, it’s fast and it saves time. The application can pull addresses from any website on the internet.

Use keywords to target specific sites based on your selected niche and home in on your market. The software also has a set of built-in, specialist plugins for Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, making the extraction process even easier. Get a 10% Discount


Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender is an excellent tool for sending bulk mail. A bulk mail sender that has the power to send as much email to as many contacts as you wish with just a push of a button.

Extremely powerful, users can import lists, can edit and send HTML messages, can utilize multiple SMTP servers, and can even pre-scan messages with a built-in spam checker to ensure that your messages don’t end up in your recipients spam box. In-built bounce detection means that if any sent mail doesn’t reach its intended address for whatever reason the address will be deleted from your list. Purchase with 10% Off


Atomic Mail Verifier

Atomic Mail Verifier helps users verify the existence of every address in your contact list. This is important because in order to accomplish successful promotional campaigns you need to be sure that your potential customers are receiving that which you are sending to them. The application validates and provides the confirmation needed to be confident that your clients, potential or existing, are being informed of your latest products and services. And that’s crucial, you need to know that your products and services are being seen. Save 10% here


Atomic Email Studio

Atomic Email Studio is essentially all the tools mentioned here and more in one package. In addition to the above, you get Atomic’s List Manager, Subscription Manager, Email Logger, Newsgroup Explorer, WHOIS Explorer, and their Web Spider. It’s an impressive package from AtomPark which is well priced. Get 10% Off


Final Word

For what you get, AtomPark’s offerings represent very good value for moneyWe had fun reviewing the company’s products and would highly recommend their product-line to any individual or business entity that is serious about email marketing.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Find Your Niche

When you discover a niche with an appeal, (Google Trends are your friend), that has little competition, and a respectable affiliate program offering decent commissions… and you have the persistence to sit tight for money related outcomes while making your benefits (I’m discussing content), I urge you to take the jump.

Choose your affiliation

Maintain a certain wisdom, a strategic distance from programs that offer enormous commissions since this likely means they’re attempting to obtain/hold clients normally. This will hurt your numbers (particularly your transformations/inversion rates).

Sign up for an affiliate program

  • Make awesome content. You can make blog posts, videos or e-courses.
  • Setup your blog. (Find the perfect theme, domain, and hosting and start blogging).
  • Decide do you want affiliate links or you want banner ads.

Carry out an SEO audit on your blog, to get more visitors and make more sales – use long-tail keywords, Target 1-2 Keywords Per Article, use Google and YouTube Autocomplete, avoid competitive keywords.

Utilize SEO content optimization, pass on I’d state the best thing you can do is inquire about 1 essential catchphrase, make a luring article title that incorporates your watchword (however it doesn’t need to be a correct match), invest energy composing your web crawler scraps (SEO titles/meta depictions), and by a long shot the most imperative is making your substance as valuable as conceivable through recordings, decent designs, chapter by chapter list, striking/hues/styling, and so on. Little things like catchphrase thickness scarcely matter.

Build Your Community, you must answer all comments, build a newsletter, be open…

Monitor Conversions Rates.

Donate To Charity.